#16 – ‘…led by the Spirit into the wilderness’

In this time of self-isolation, I thought I would update you with what’s been happening in my life recently and on the state of Soul61 after receiving the government’s guidelines. Below is an email I sent recently to the Mission Partnership Group at St Mary’s (my home church) who sent me out and have been a great support to me.

I’m now halfway through the course and I can honestly say that this was the best decision I’ve ever made. I am so thankful for all the people and funds who have enabled me to do Soul61; I have learned so much about God, church, people and myself and my relationships with all of these continue to deepen to new levels of intimacy.

After finishing Everyday Supernatural in teaching, I am challenged to step out of my comfort zone more frequently when it comes to listening to the influence of the Holy Spirit in my day to day life. Currently, God seems to be teaching me about surrendering my own will in place of His and the various things that cause my ego/pride to get in the way. Just as well, our next book to study is called ‘Celebration of Discipline’ which has said to be a must-read for any Christian. Over the last couple of months, I have enjoyed having the opportunity to give a 10min talk and receiving feedback from Ali Martin and the rest of the Soul61s. I’ve recorded it and also the feedback so that I can refer back to make improvements at a future date.

I have also booked flights to Australia in July to accompany Mike and 5 other Soul61s on a visit to a few churches and conferences being run. In light of the current state of the world, we are praying that this goes ahead, but God’s will be done. Due to the virus, half of us have been sent home to spread out the number of people living in the houses and we are doing lots of our teaching via video-call. This is not ideal but we are coping and still able to study passages and books together. Obviously, most of our placements have stopped for the time being due to churches being closed, but I am hoping to get involved in looking after the most vulnerable members of the Soul Survivor congregation by volunteering at the foodbank or delivering essential items to doorsteps. With all this spare time in-doors, I am hoping to do lots of reading, writing, praying, and maybe even recording – if I can think of something worthwhile to say!

Before the world went into isolation, I would love you to know that I really enjoy my placement and find it very rewarding. We were just coming to the last few weeks on the Alpha course and I’d had the privilege of watching my own small group grow nearer to the Lord. The Monday Café I help to run was ever-increasing in numbers and some of the loveliest people and conversations took place there. As for events, NSN Winter was AWESOME (both serving and attending), my placement got to entirely put together and run an event called ‘The Pursuit of Joy’ (which went really well) and also a newbies meal (where new people to the church are welcomed and told a little bit about how it all started).

Before coming to Watford, I wanted to be a product designer and I had a secured place at Loughborough university to study the subject in September. However, after a journey of prophetic words given to me, prayerful consideration and meetings with Mike Pilav and other leaders on the course, I have come to acknowledge that God is calling me to Pioneer Ministry within the Church of England. This is a big change of plans and I would love for you to pray for me. I am currently looking into kicking off the discernment process and what I could be getting up to in the duration.

Though these are uncertain times we are living in, I feel as certain as ever about the one I serve, and am looking forward to seeing what changes God makes to the church and to the world.

In other news, I am currently very interested in C.S Lewis’ philosophical christian works and the apologetics ministries of RZIM. They are occupying my time very nicely at the moment and I may do another post soon as a commentary on some of my favorite parts (a bit like my earliest posts used to be when I daydreamed about philosophy and theology instead of revising for my A-Levels).

I hope and pray you are all well, and if you would like to catch up with me on the phone, let me know and we can arrange a call sometime soon!

God Bless!


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