Sacred Spaces 593 – Bring back the Selah

I love this post by Darrel Hofland!!


I miss the Selah.

A few years back, I wrote this: Where is the Selah? (can’t believe it’s been 5 years already)

The word Selah was taken out of the scriptures. Namely, the Psalms and Habakkuk 3.
(I really don’t understand why? I was under the impression, that we were not supposed to add or take anything from scripture: Deuteronomy 4: 2 & Revelation 22: 18 – 19)

So, who gave these bible translators, the permission?
To remove the Selah?

So what is Selah? (You should read my previous Selah post. Link above. But I will explain again, shortly.)

Here are some samples from scripture:

Habakkuk 3:
“God came from Teman,
the Holy One from Mount Paran. SELAH
His glory covered the heavens
and his praise filled the earth.

You uncovered your bow,
you called for many arrows. SELAH
You split the earth with rivers;

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