#10 – Yes, Boss!

I am so content right now. During my exam season, which has been over for about a month now, I went through hell (figuratively speaking). Not only with the laborious nature of revising, but with health issues that you probably know way too much about (if you’ve read ‘Did you miss me?’). I’m amazed at how my perception of time has changed. Those days seemed to drag, leaving me utterly exhausted by 9pm. I thought they would never end. In contrast, now my days start and end later, I fill them with joy and I haven’t been tired in weeks!

Some might say that it’s because I’m not busy – but I am!! For the past few weeks I have started a social media page to supplement my blog where I aim to post something of value to my followers at least once a day (@stepping_out.ig on instagram). I have been trying my best to supply you, my blog readers, with updates about my journey with God and the events leading up to my gap year. I have been setting up a podcast; planning the topics to talk about and arranging interviews. I’ve been sorting out a fundraising quiz night (more on this later) and doing logo and graphic work for various people and groups – including my own youth group – and last but by far least, I have been catching up with friends that I hold very close to my heart.

The point is, I feel just as busy (okay maybe slightly less) than I was during my exams and yet I am bursting at the seams with joy and happiness! Why? Because I’m busy doing what I love. I have no desire whatsoever to EVER do anything that God hasn’t put on my heart. Some of this stuff that I’ve been doing has actually been quite hard and frustrating at times, but unlike revising for an official letter grade given to me by an exam board, my passion for the work comes directly from serving my new boss. My Lord, my God. I make no exaggeration when I tell you He. Is. Awesome. Forget ‘dress-down Friday’, my boss lets me express who I truly am 24/7!

I’m under no illusion though. I understand that right now, this is the easy stuff. There will be trials ahead – I’ve been promised that much. But as Paul says, ‘If God is for us, then who can be against us?’ More of you Lord. It may just be in anticipation of starting Soul61 in October but I truly feel my calling getting stronger. My heart beats for what’s on God’s heart and I wake up yearning for His direction. “Where are we going today, Dad? What are we getting up to? Who do you want me to meet with?”. I am so happy that I get to be a part of it.

“My whole world’s on fire; alive in the presence that burns inside of me!”
“All of my days are filled with your praise!”
“My heart BURST alive!”

New news peeps! On the 31st August 2019 I am running a quiz night to fundraise for the costs of Soul61! The night will be held at St John’s Hall and doors will open at 7:00pm with an approximate end time of 9:30pm. Participants will need to gather themselves in teams of four. There will be a variety of questions for all ages. The team with the highest score will win a hamper of goodies to share! Tickets on the door – £6 per person. There will be refreshments available for purchase and a tombola. If you would like to make prize donations for the tombola or have any questions, please feel free to contact me on the contacts page of my blog! I think it’s going to be a great night! Put it in your calendars, you don’t want to miss out!

In relation to the podcast I mentioned earlier – I’m starting a podcast and have been excited about it for a very long time! Stepping-Out: On the mic is all about the bold act of sharing one’s faith with the world. I will be exploring my own Christian faith alongside other believers, and challenging my own thinking with agnostics, atheists and people of other faiths. We will discuss theology, philosophy, psychology, testimonies, historical evidence and a multitude of other topics. Through my God-led interactions during the past year, I realised that people (my generation especially) don’t feel comfortable talking about their beliefs out of fear of judgement. However, when I approach the topic with them, it usually becomes apparent that they are yearning for it – whether they realise it or not. In this crazy world we live in, discussions surrounding purpose shouldn’t be hidden away. I genuinely think that the feeling of being lost, that can lead to all sorts of mental illnesses, could be solved or at least helped if people talked about this stuff more. Yesterday, I interviewed my first guest! I’ve edited the content and I just need to get an intro/outro theme sorted before it goes public! What’s great is I’m not short of eager people wanting to have a chat about all sorts of topics with me! If you would like to join the list, feel free to get in touch! Anyone and everyone is welcome to get on the mic!

I’m really looking forward to the Soul Survivor festival this year! Being the last one, I think they’re going to pull out all the stops! However, they have left me with a very big dilemma. On the final night, Soul Survivor always set a fancy dress theme, and this year, the theme is ‘your favourite food’. I like lots of food but it’s hard enough thinking of how to dress up as ANY food! If you have any ideas, please, please do get in touch in the comments or the contacts page. I’m desperate to beat my sister. She’s going as a french fry by dressing stereotypically french and carrying a frying pan (my eyes are rolling but I secretly think it’s the best idea ever).

Last but not least, please pray for me. It’s a while away, but the last evening service I will attend before I go away to Soul61, I have been asked to preach! I’m so grateful for the opportunity to give it a go, but I am very nervous about it (and excited at the same time). Please pray that God would use me to say whatever He wants people to hear and that He would fill me with a confidence that overrides my weaknesses. Also, please continue to pray that I would be able to meet the payment deadline for Soul61 in September, that my fundraiser will go according to plan and that God would use my blog, social media and podcast for whatever and whoever He wants to impact.

I’m so grateful to everyone who reads my blogs and I love hearing from you. This has been a short update, thank you for reading and I hope you all have a great weekend!

God bless,


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