#2 – Wisdom and Wheat

You may have noticed that the logo I have chosen for my site is a single ear of wheat. In this post, I’ll aim to explain why.

Last week my Youth Leader and good friend Darrel, gave me a book to read called ‘The Town Called Potential‘. I’m only half way through this inspiring allegory but some of the things I have read are the most profound things I have heard in a long time. The story is written like a parable Jesus might have told and it’s about a man named ‘The Strange One’ who lived in the coloured house amongst everyone else’s grey lives and houses. The blurb says ‘it will challenge you to make a difference in this world of unexplored potential as you become all that you can be’, and I have not been disappointed.

One truth I have come to acknowledge so far (not only in this book but through personal experience) is that if you dare to live this life of colour, you must be made vulnerable. Many think that having such a merciful, forgiving and graceful God will solve all their problems. Fortunately, our God is even greater than that. Jesus promises life to the full. With life comes deep joy, spiritual and physical healing and more love than we could ever comprehend! But full life also includes deep sorrow, unbearable pain, and rejection from what we want most sometimes. However, this is not to be feared. The Town Called Potential explains this really well…

“God is God of both storm and calm. And when the evil one does send a storm (for there are such storms) the God we are talking about has enough authority, power and wisdom to use the most evil of storms to serve His purposes. And so, we have to learn to find the purpose in storms, even if the purpose is only to learn that we are unable to understand all things. … It is not for the nature of the storm, but for the nature of a man, to determine whether he will experience destruction or receive instruction. This, indeed, is effected by the choice of a man, but choose as he may, the storm will come.” – Jack Vandermere

So, why does Farmer Pete farm wheat? Well, I’m going to be brave and take a risk by making myself vulnerable here, and let you know that the past few months of my life have been a long season of winter. Without going into details, I suffered some mental battles and had to rebuke a lot of lies that I’d been telling myself by searching for God’s truth about me. I am his. It was as simple as that! This song called ‘You Say’ by Lauren Daigle (which sounds sad at first but bear with it) is about hope and who God says we are. Check it out here. For the past week and now still, as I am writing, I am experiencing the dawn of spring. A season of mass personal growth, with a fresh perspective and an abundance of joy. Praise the Lord! I’ve got to say, it feels wonderful to be relieved of it but as painful as it was to get through, I wouldn’t change it for the world because through the storm, I grew.

Anyway, during these 4 months of winter, my amazing Mum was comforting me and praying by my side and she was given an image. She said she saw a wheat field in which all the crops had been mown down either by bad weather, a combine harvester or people/animals. All the crops had been destroyed or heavily damaged apart from one long (but battered) single ear of wheat. The interpretation followed that this single ear had to be incredibly strong to survive what the rest of the field had gone through and still stay standing tall. This ear represented me. The message was that this isn’t the first season of winter I’ve experienced and it certainly won’t be the last. In fact, I will experience many tougher storms in days to come. But my faith will stand firm. In my weakness, God is strong. Everything I’ve been through and will go through are making me resilient. To be someone called for others to lean on, I need to have experience, myself, to be able to relate.

I was so inspired by this that I drew a very quick and rough sketch of how I perceived this image to look. – I didn’t draw it exactly because there’s a second ear that represents God’s presence by my side, but you get the gist.

There is a season to come.

I identify with this image and have decided to keep the theology behind seasons and storms close to me, attempting to recognise their contributions to all areas of my life. Therefore, my logo is a single ear of corn as a constant reminder and as a symbol that represents the journey of life. That’s what this blog is about. The journey!

I would also like to mention that I have decided to get baptised this Easter Sunday! I’m super excited about it and I would love to see you there! It’s taking place on the 21st April as part of the evening service (7:00pm – 9:00pm) at St Mary’s Church in Bletchley, if you do want to attend. This is SO important to me and I feel that I am ready and at a stage in my life where I can fully and wholeheartedly proclaim what I believe and mark it by getting slam-dunked into an oversized bath in front of my family, friends and the random strangers who will see the video on the internet!

God Bless! P


One thought on “#2 – Wisdom and Wheat

  1. Great blog Peter. love the imagery of wheat πŸ˜‰ a saying came to mind. when we slow down we actually “listen to our life.” we will learn some things. God is moving more than we realise. πŸ™‚

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